About Us

We are a small company, based in Hungary. Our developer team members have 10+ year’s of experience in video game development (mostly on windows platform). We are developing and publishing NW2Online only in Hungary yet. Our goal is to make this game worldwide available in the near future. The translation of the game is already in progress.

The world of NW2Online play’s in a planet called “Karzer”. It has a unique story, world and graphical elements (You can read the story of Karzer here: https://www.nw2online.com/game-guide/history)

NW2Online is an Online Fantasy MMORPG. It has 4 main characters. These are the default fantasy characters like in any other game: Warrior, Mage, Rogue, Ezra (It is a dark witch, who has mostly magical skills).

Our next big project what we already working on, is NW2Mobile. This game is in development state. It is the same story as NW2Online but it will be available on mobile platforms (iOS, Android). The engine what we’re using is Unity. The goal is to make the beta available on year of 2020 second half.